DALS Instant Notification Service (DINS)

Online Process Server Services Notification Process DiagramDirect access legal services strives to provide its clients easy yet efficient way of processing your process server service requests. We help you submit your process server service requests online with complete status and notification results of what we are doing with your case.

DALS Instant Notification Service (DINS) is one of a kind. Below is an example of each notification. You can log in at any time during these stages and view the activity in "real time".

Assigned: After you submit an online service request, a DALS Staff member will assign your request to the appropriate staff member and you will be notified instantly when this happens.

Attempted Serve: Every attemp made by the process server is logged into the system.
If you elect to receive notification at this stage, you will get an email notifying you that an attempt has been made on that entity. You will continue receving notificaitons until the entity has been served.

Served: Once the Defendant/Respondant or entity has been served, you will receive a notification.

Certificate Of Service: Your service requires a Certifice of Service to be generated for the courts. You will be notified when it is created. You can then View and Print out the Certificate

Email Information: You can provide email address(s) for "Email To:", Email Cc:" and "Email Bcc:".
Example, you either go on vacation or out of the office and wish to have a copy of the notifications go to your personal email address. You can do this by either using a Email Cc or Email Bcc. To maintain the privacy intended by blind copies, BCC is regarded as an envelope property rather than a message property; accordingly, the corresponding header field and its contents are removed when the message is delivered, and the BCC property is always empty on a received message.