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Our Process Server Services in Arizona

We are always available to help when you need it. Be assured we can handle all your legal process service needs. Below is the sample of the services we provide.

A quick glimpse about our services:

  • Local, Statewide & Nationwide Process Service
  • Status Updates
  • Courthouse Records Research & Retrieval (Local & Nationwide)
  • Document Pickup & Delivery (Local & Nationwide)
  • Court Issue, Filing & Photocopying
  • Skip Trace
  • Rush (Expedited) Service
  • Issue Witness Fee Checks
  • Notary & Mobile Notary Service
  • Messenger Service
  • 24/7 Availability

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Arizona Process Server services serving legal papers


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Advanced flow diagram of process server services

Service of Process – Service of Process is Required In Arizona for ALL legal documents issued by the Court except a Subpoena. This is so the Court will know that the party was given adequate notice by being properly served. Only a Licensed and Registered Agent of the Court (Process Server) or Sheriff Deputy are recognized as being authorized to serve under Arizona law, anywhere in the State except Indian Reservations. Service may be made any day or time of the week.

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Court Filing – WE will pick up your prepared documents and file them with the correct Court Clerk. We can also advance the filings fees for a nominal charge if you wish to do so. We will returned conformed copies to you if you provided them. Our service can be a daily scheduled stop or on an as need basis.

Skip Tracing – We perform Skip Tracing services on a daily basis. We do our own investigations, in house and do not farm them out to a third party. We use the most advanced database(s) available to find who you are looking for. We also utilize other methods others do not. Our methods have been developed over the past 25 yrs and are proven to produce accurate results. We have a success rate over 95%.

Delivery – We can delivery your documents to any location you desire, WE can pick up at your office or a specific location and deliver them by the deadline you set. We don’t make false promises, we have never, not delivered, a single item on time. If we can’t meet your deadline we will decline the request.

Research – We perform several kinds of research, such as: obtain copies of Court & Vehicle records. Stat Agents or Officers of Corporations, Government maintained Public records, Private records, and many more.

Asset Search – We can obtain or verify, Real Estate, Vehicles, Bank Accounts, Employment