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Process of Service - Some Frequently Asked Questions:

In our experience, new clients regularly have some common questions. We thought listing some of them here would help you understand the Process of Service before you pick up the phone to call us.


  • DO I NEED TO KNOW THE ADDRESS OF THE PERSON / BUSINESS I WISH TO SERVE ? Yes, if you don’t know it we can conduct a research investigation to obtain it for you. This is a separate service and not included with the cost of serving your papers. However the cost you pay for this is recoverable if you win your case.

  • HOW DO I FIND THE ADDRESS OF THE PERSON / BUSINESS TO SERVE ? You can hire us to obtain this information or you can do it yourself. Most information on Corporations, Stat Agents, and individuals can be found on the internet. Most of this information is free. We recommend you stay with the free service web sites. If a site requires a fee your better to hire us, since our data is the most up to date, less expensive and we have the knowledge and experience to discern the information that is provided. It is very helpful and will improve your results if you have some information on the person (date of birth, social security number, last known address) or business.

  • HOW DO I FIND THE STAT AGENT OF A COMPANY ? You can usually obtain this information via the internet. If you prefer you can hire us for a $ 10 fee to obtain that information.

  • WHAT DOES A SKIP/TRACE COST ? A typical skip-trace to obtain a current address of an individual averages $ 75.00 (includes all associated costs). It can be much less depending on what information you provide to us. It can also cost more if you have limited or no information. There is no guarantee we will be successful, it costs us the same amount of time and money to perform ALL of our investigations, successful or not.

  • HOW SUCCESSFUL ARE YOU AT FINDING PEOPLE ? We have performed skip-tracing for 25 years. We are diligent and use methods many Private Investigators are too lazy to perform. We have established & maintained a success rate of about 90% since we have been in business. If we can’t find them even local law enforcement cant either. We will explain why we can’t and what additional options may be pursued. This is real life, NOT TV. Due to the Federal Privacy Laws only the FBI, CIA and other Federal Intelligence Agencies can attempt to find people we can’t.

  • WHAT IF I CANT FIND THE PERSON ? If you or we can’t find the person you can still serve the person by Publication as stipulated in the Arizona Revised Statutes, we do not provide this service. We will provide you with a Skip-trace report documenting what records were searched and that All reasonable methods were performed. This must be provided to the Court to obtain a Order to serve by publication.

  • HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO HAVE SOMEONE SERVED ? Our average service is $ 60 in the Metro Phoenix area.  PLEASE Note, DALS  provides 5 attempts for this price.  We will attempt you paper usually the same day we receive it and certainly in less than 24 hours.  The standard in the industry is 2 -3 days and only 2 -3 attempts. There are no additional hidden charges. Service in the outlying areas of the County and in Pinal County average $ 65.  The extra cost is due to the additional distance & time required to reach the area.  Service in other Counties of Arizona and other States average between $ 100 - $ 140 (this includes our handling fee). As a service becomes more difficult you can expect to pay more.  Rush services and special requirements also can incur additional fees.
  • CAN YOU SERVE MY DOCUMENTS OUT OF STATE ? Yes we can.  In 25 years of executing Service Outside the State of Arizona we have developed a network of contacts with experienced service companies and Sheriff Depts.’ throughout the US.  We prepare and send documents Out of State on a daily basis.  We also do this within 24 hours or less for no additional fee.  We can provide you with a fixed quote upon request.

  • MY DOCUMENTS ARE FROM ANOTHER STATE, CAN THEY BE SERVED IN AZ ? Absolutely.  We are knowledgeable of and adhere to the requirements of the State your documents originate from.  Many inexperienced servers do not even know there is a difference in the Law of Civil procedure from State to State.

  • CAN YOU GIVE ME ADVISE ON WHAT TO DO AND HOW ? We are prohibited from providing information that can be considered legal advice.  We can provide you information on the Service of Process procedure and assist you in properly preparing your documents.  Our web site has a detailed flow chart of this procedure that covers many common questions.

  • WHAT IF ALL I HAVE IS A PO BOX ? We can trace the ownership and legal street address of any P.O. Box.  Many P.O. Boxes are actually Private Mail Boxes or PMB’s that are found at UPS Stores, Mail Boxes and More, etc..  These records are more difficult to attain.  They may be obtained with a subpoena but can be done.

  • WHAT IF THE PERSON I’M TRYING TO SERVE AVOIDS BEING SERVED ? If this happens the Law allows for alternative ways to serve your papers.  An Alternative Method of Service is authorized ONLY by the Judge overseeing your case.   The Judge will review the efforts made and will  ORDER another method.  For this to happen it is critical that a detailed Certificate of Due Diligence be included with your petition to have an AMS granted.  DALS servers keep detailed records of all events that occur while attempting to serve papers and include this information in the Due Diligence.

  • WHAT IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO SERVE THE PAPERS ? We serve over 95 % of the papers we attempt.  Occasionally some are not served.   In these instances it usually comes down to specific reason.  These reasons are numerous but usually it’s the result of incorrect information about the person, business, address or social lifestyle of the entity being served.

  • DO I GET A GUARANTEE, FULL OR PARTIAL REFUND IF MY PAPERS ARE NOT SERVED ? We do guarantee that a diligent and professional effort will be done to get your papers served.  We want you satisfied. Regarding refunds, the answer is “Sometimes “., It depends on how much effort we have incurred and how far along the procedure we were at the time the service is terminated.  Sometimes a full refund is provided.  We do not guarantee that your paper will be served.  This is because many of the details are outside our control. 

  • HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU TRY TO SERVE MY PAPERS ? We make 5 attempts.  These attempts are staggered at various times of the day and various days of the week.  We attempt at times when the defendant is most likely at home or work.  We usually make 1 -2 attempts per day.

  • WHEN DO YOU TRY TO SERVE MY PAPERS ? Arizona has no restrictions on days or times when service can be made.  We usually attempt between the hours of 6 am and 11 pm, 7 days a week, including holidays.  If circumstances require we will serve at any time of day.  We take into account employment, co-occupants and other details that may provide us information that will result in a rapid service of your papers. 

  • DO YOU FILE A PROOF WITH THE COURT ? Yes, we are required to prepare and file the Original Proof of Service with the Court Clerk.  We then provide you a copy of this Proof.

  • HOW SOON DO YOU FILE MY PROOF OF SERVICE ? It is the POLICY of DALS to file the Proof with the Court the next business day after your service is completed.  Standard in the industry is 3-4 days sometimes weeks.

  • HOW DO I GET PROOF MY PAPERS WERE SERVED ? DALS will mail, fax or e-mail a copy of the proof to you.

  • DO I GET A RECIEPT ? Yes.  The proof of service is considered your receipt.  It will have the amount you paid for the service listed on it.  If you pay by credit card we will provide a receipt for that also.

  • ARE YOU OPEN WEEKENDS ? We have servers out serving documents 365 days a year.  The office itself is closed on weekends.

  • CAN YOU GET BANK ACCOUNT INFORAMTION ? Yes we can obtain Bank Account information.  This is a special service and done on a request basis only.

  • HOW SOON WILL YOU SERVE MY PAPERS ? We are out trying to serve your papers within 24 hours and if possible the same day we get them.  The average service is completed 1-3 days.  If a skip trace is required it can prolong the time by 2-3 weeks.

  • WILL YOU NOTIFY ME WHEN MY PAPERS ARE SERVED ? We will notify you that service was completed by sending you the proof of service.  If your papers are Protective Orders the server will call you to tell you the service is completed.

  • DOES THE COURT PAY ME WIN I WIN MY CASE ? No.  The Court will issue a judgment.  If you win your case you are responsible to collect the debt yourself.  There are a few methods available to do this.  All require additional Court filings and additional Service of Process.  You can also Record your judgment with the Recorders Office.

  • DOES THE COURT FORCE THE PERSON TO PAY ME IF I WIN MY CASE ? No.  You can request the Debtor to appear before the Court and disclose their assets.  This is called a debtor exam.  If the debtor fails to appear the Court may grant an Arrest Warrant that will force the debtor to appear before the judge.

  • HOW DO I COLLECT MY JUDGEMENT ? You can pursue one of all of the following methods. Garnish the debtors Bank Account, or Wages.  You can request a Debtors Exam.  You can record the judgment.

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